Monday, November 22, 2010

Blessings in the midst of chaos!

So begins the tests.  Up early and off to the lab.   Early of course being relevant to everyone else's early.  Most of the people who attend these places are elderly so 7:15 am is probably mid-day for them.  They are sitting there smiling as you come in and realize you are not only NOT early but there are no chairs left and the place hasn't even opened yet.   Anyone who knows me knows that I must have my coffee in the morning.  I usually would not even enter the world of others without it.  Well, this was early and no coffee!!!! One of those fasting normal can any test be when you haven't had anything to eat for 12 who lives like that !!!!!   I blood work done and off to the big city to see the doctor.  I have had this appt for about 3 months.  Get there, and don't have enough change to park in the metered parking but recall that at this point I have yet to complete my first coffee.  Not enough caffeine to make really good choices.  Park and spend my last dime, literally.   Get lost in the hospital b/c for some reason I have no memory of where his office is...I blame the lack of caffeine.   Approach the receptionist and give my name and she says with What doctor?  I repeat his name.  "Oh no he doesn't make appt on Monday"  Ok so it isn't yet 9 a.m. and my day is not beginning on a good note I still believe mainly due to this fasting deal.   So, what is a person to to Timmies!!!!!!

On the way home I make a decision to go and visit my old place of employment.   Well now that turned the day around 180 degrees.   If ever there is a place I can go when things aren't going well it is to the school.  One, it is always more chaotic there than anywhere I might find myself these days and two the staff are always so happy to see me.  How many places can you go in your life where people are genuinely happy to see you.  Even family is suspect when you gather with them, cause they are suppose to be happy to see you.
So although the day didn't get off to a very good start, and in my mind was setting a standard of what life will be like for the next little while (read for the next few years) it was a delight to go to the school, walk through the noisy and dangerously busy hallways (remember teenagers do not look where they are going they assume any one older than them is the Red Sea - we will just part as they come by) and chat with old friends.
My school was my refuge in the past and today I realized it will still be a place of refuge this time round.
How lucky can a person be in life....I have people in my life who really love me and don't mind letting me know.

Today I saw one of my blessings....and you know what it had nothing to do with cancer...see cancer isn't the only way we find blessings.

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tamara said...

Love ya, lady...knit night coming up—my in or you out?