Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring.....hopefullness in nature and in life!!!!!

Spring is here!

 I can hear the birds singing, the windows are open, and soon the grass will need to be cut.   Waited all winter for this and finally I can sit outside and have my coffee.   This has got to be the best time of year.   It reminds me that everything comes back to life after its long winter sleep.  So do  our lives.   After a long and sometimes dark past few months, I am feeling like I have emerged from a dark tunnel back into the light.   My energy levels are on the rise, and my mood in general is better.    I don't know if it is a healing of the grief or if its because spring has that ability to make everything seem more alive and hopeful.

Today, as I sat outside with my coffee, I noticed a woman going by in a motorized wheel chair walking her very large Rotty.   It reminded me of a friend who does the same thing with her dog, the name escaping me but also large....a Mountain something?  Why my neighbour needs a wheelchair is unknown but isn't it wonderful that in this day and age, people who have limitations can still be as active and do such wonderful things such as walk the dog.   This Rotty runs along side at a good clip and they go round and round and round the block.   One day I will have to walk across the field and introduce myself!!!!!   My girlfriend needs her wheelchair because she has had both her legs amputated, the reasons being a whole other story.   She uses the wheelchair for the outside activities and scoots around the inside on her custom made skateboard.   She is amazing and makes me realize the human spirit, when allowed to soar, has enormous capacity to move forward and be optimistic.   At the moment she has been slowed down by another operation, but I know given time she will be up and about living her life and enjoying all her children and grandchildren.    It would be really interesting to talk to her grandchildren because they probably don't even know that she has limitations.   She is more active, has more energy, and does more than most grandmas I know.

So today, I had a nice reminder of how fortunate we are to live in a time when we can still participate in life even if all our body parts aren't working up to snuff.    There was a time when illness meant a life of complete isolation, afraid that any kind of activity would only hasten the problem.  Today, we know that positive energy, lots of stimulation, and a world that doesn't have a definite idea of what 'normal' constitutes has allowed us all to live out our potential in what ever way life as deemed necessary.  

So, I will go off to work this evening to my dream job at the yarn shop.   Another surprise!   It took me having to be diagnosed with cancer, forced to leave my full time job, to find the job that I would have never imagined I would have,   selling yarn to knitters........oh my life is so blessed!!!!