Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reality Check ........

So I made it back.   Phew....long drive but some interesting visits and stops along the way which helped to slow the journey back to reality.   Didn't see one accident either way till about a half hour from home and then there were three in a row.    Figure it was the universes way of jolting me back into the pace and chaos of this particular part of the world.  (Minor accidents)   But I have arrived and reality has set in......the cats don't like each other anymore, and the dog is not impressed either to have to share me with other four legged creatures.  So I am trying to unpack and get myself organized while I referee the animals back in normalcy.    I guess if it isn't the children who bring you quickly back to the real world, the animals will do it.  

Other than that small glitch, it has been fun returning in many ways.   I must say there is something to be said for 'being missed'.   I had a friend bring me flowers, another corn on the cob and tomatoes, and a third more fresh veggies and an invitation to dinner.  And then finally an invitation to a jewellery party where I got lots of hugs!!!!  And that was just within a few hours of arriving home!!!!   Nothing feels better than knowing you are loved and missed.

So happy to see my daughter and believe that she has matured and grown up both physically and emotionally since I left.   She actually is 'all grown up ' as they say but for some reason I think I finally saw her this time as a young woman and not my little girl.....maybe coming over in her own car helped that image along.   

Well Thursday brings the medical reality back so I will prepare for that over the next day or so.   It always seems to bring such emotional feelings of ill at ease no matter how often you go.   The only difference I feel right now though is that I seem to have more energy to deal with it.    Not doing much for a couple of months can do that for you........

More pictures from PEI to reflect on ........

I wonder how many bottles where used in the making of these bottled buildings.....those are the important things I had to think about during my time away.......very reflective moments.
These are pictures from the Bottle Houses in Cape Egmont PEI......worth a trip there if you have the time....the gardens are amazing too!!!!


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holidays.....from illness!!

Well it is time to begin to write again.  I took a little hiatus this summer from not only writing but from all and every thing related to or about my medical issues.   I went on a "medical holiday' and I must say that it was the best thing I have done in years.

Not only did I not write one word on my blog....I don't think I even spoke, thought or dreamt about cancer for the past two or more months.    Tomorrow I begin my trek back to the real world and decided that perhaps I should ease my way back into the word of medicine and reality.  Next week I go back to the oncologist and so I am preparing myself for the feeling that comes with those regular visits.

I must say I have not been so relaxed as I have been the past few months.   I have felt like a new person and would suggest to anyone dealing with a chronic illness that taking a holiday from it may be the way to deal with it in a more effective, peaceful and even in many ways accepting fashion.   Now the key to this type of holiday is to go somewhere where no one knows you have a serious illness.   Then you don't have to deal with those 'puppy' dog eyes of very well intentioned people who ask 'and how are you doing' but you know that they are not just casually asking.....what they are saying is the cancer back?   are you having treatments?   I have spent two months not having one person I have encountered ask me that was refreshing to say the least.  

So, tomorrow I head back and will be thrilled to see friends, glad to sleep in my own bed, but will take the mantle of illness back on with some reluctance............but I am probably stronger and more able to handle whatever may come my way in the coming weeks and months......

Peace and serenity have been my constant companions.........but even more so now that I am rested and rejuvenated.....