Sunday, November 21, 2010

Feeling...ooh what a feeling!

Feeling....oooh what a feeling!

Beautiful fall day...sun is out,not too cold.   Decided it was a good day to finish the fall clean up and do some pruning.   Best idea I could have had.   The crisp air, the light wind, and the fall sun made me feel so alive.  I realized that there are times when you feel the air touch your skin and it just sings with life.   I love the wind and have always enjoyed sitting in it and walking in it (with my back to it of course).  Today, I realized how wonderful it is to just be alive and to feel.   The sensations I get when the sun shines on my face, the wind touches my arms,  so often we are too busy to notice these things.   What I realized was that it is those sensations that remind us that we are living, breathing, entities.   Not to feel means that I am  dead.  That can mean the same thing emotionally.  Not feeling angry, sad, or even just melancholy means that we are at some level no longer living.  So today, although emotionally I may be a little dead, physically I am very much alive.  So now I plan on working on the emotional side and going off to finish a beautiful knitted sweater I am making for myself.  OOOOH what a lift that will be.   So, no bus rides today will all just have to walk!

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