Sunday, November 28, 2010

Power of Prayer

So, I finally cried last night...maybe I have driven out of denial alley and moved into depression row.   Not clinical depression just that place that feels like 'oh no not again'.   Its o.k. though because I was feeling a little left out as everyone else seemed to be upset and I felt like I was behind a window watching.  Unfortunately, I am now in the room people so better watch out what you say....I will hear you!  Cancer sucks by the way!  Just in case I haven't made that clear yet.   I decided maybe I should call on a little faith to help me get through this and then decided maybe I should just let everyone else pray for me.   Found this prayer today when I was 'organizing' (read getting rid of) stuff.  I tend to do that when I am stressed.  The good thing is that I will be very well organized over the next it really matters.   Anyways, I was talking about I will share it with you - its called the Power of Prayer

The day was long, the burden I had borne,
Seemed heavier than I could longer bear.
And then it lifted - but I did not know
Someone had knelt in prayer,
Had taken me to God that very hour,
And asked the easing of the load.
And God, the infinite compassion,
Had stooped down, and taken it from me.

We cannot tell how often as we pray,
For some bewildered one,
hurt and distressed, the answer comes.
But many times those hearts find sudden peace and rest.

Some one had prayed, and Faith,
a reaching hand,
Took hold of God and brought God down that day!
So many, many hearts have need of prayer,
O, let us pray.

So everyone on the bus....start praying and those of you who don't know how, positive thoughts will do!  O.K. now hold on we are starting to turn a corner......Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee


AMB said...

The prayer you offer in your blog today is one that reminds us that our praying is not so much about telling God what to do, how to do it or when to do it. It is a lovely reminder to the self that prayer is the giving of self in conversation with our Creator and the offering of all that burdens us or others for whom we pray. The only problem I have with it is the line "brought God down that day". Given your beautiful and descriptive analogy of being on the mountaintop, isn't it more likely that the person who is burdened is "raised to a new level of consciousness" about his/her place in the midst of creation? "Brought God down that day" seems to imply that we have the ability to manipulate God's actions in the world.

Journey-woman said...

Andrew, I think you are so right but at the moment I am in control and so I do believe that I can 'bring' God anywhere I please. If you want to travel on my bus don't tell me I can't manipulate anyone especially God. I have been able to convince myself that is why I am still you think otherwise LOLOLOL