Friday, December 14, 2012

What's the point?

Lately, I have a real theme in my life....choices.   It seems that every time I turn around the last little while I have been talking about choices and how our whole life is essentially made up of them.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, we do is not a choice.    From getting up in the morning, to eating, to loving or liking someone, everything we do is a choice.   It may not necessarily seem that way but we are always choosing between one thing or another.   We choose what we do with what we feel not necessarily the feelings.    But doing something can change the feelings for good or for bad.   If we are nice to people we feel calm, peaceful, if we are nasty we feel unsettled, doing and feeling have a correlation.

That does not mean that these choices are easy.   Some are, like eating.....I never have a problem with choosing to eat...I love to eat and many times I eat things I know I should CHOOSE not to about you?   Yea figured as much!   There are others that aren't as simple though but by making the 'right' choice our life will be much happier, more peaceful, ultimately more joyful.

An example in point is how we look at the Christmas season.   Whatever your particular religion or philosophy, this is a time of year that we can choose to be joyful and least for a few weeks.   I haven't really felt that joyful the past few months and Christmas has been looming ahead of me.    Some of  how I am feeling is physical, which always gets my 'spidey' senses up and I do begin to wonder what is really going on.   Well next week is my doctor's appointment so we will deal with those things then.    The other is a sense of 'what's the point'??????   We all know that feeling.

For instance, do I put up a tree this year?   What's the point, I live on my own so no one is going to see it most of the time?   Well, the point is that without the tree I will be able to avoid recognizing that it is Christmas time.   So, I force myself to put the tree up.    Then the creche comes out and I assemble that.   While doing this I feel myself remembering some nice memories.   So the tree is up, not yet decorated, the manger is under the tree awaiting Jesus' birth for the 2012 time approximately.   The fireplace is on and I sit in front of it and knit.     It was glorious!!!!

Will I choose to do anymore?   Who knows, but I do know that whatever I choose to do will determine how I feel about myself.   So ....What's the point?......the point is how do you WANT to feel not how DO you feel.    If you want to feel differently then you have to do something different.
Sounds easy.....not really it might take a lot of energy and force.....but either way you are going to expend that energy so it may as well be in a positive way......DO IT and see what happens!!!!

Off to my chair, my knitting, my undecorated but lighted Christmas tree, my cats and dog sleeping beside and underneath the tree......who couldn't feel just a little bit of the Joy of the Season!!!!!!


LeapLady said...

I like your post about choices. I am finally (8 weeks after last cycle) getting my port out this week! I have NOT felt like decorating, baking or even playing Christmas music this year. My choices about celebrating this season seemed to have turned inward. To much self reflection maybe....My choice today was to MOVE IT! LOL, I did some baking, went shopping, attended a "Journey to the Manger" at our church. I hung around some children, caught their joy and WOW, it feels so much better. Keep writing, I enjoy reading about your life. I will come back and visit again. Blessings, Pam

Journey-woman said...

Thanks Pam.....and I remember my first Christmas it was hard to face and one of the things I found hardest was putting away the decorations, afraid the stories etc of them would be I spent hours writing little notes to put with them about where they came from etc. Eleven years later, the notes are all ....will keep you in my prayers this season...