Sunday, December 23, 2012


Two sleeps to go and Santa, I mean Jesus, will be here.   Not trying to be irreverent just a little silly.

Haven't felt much like writing this week with all the sadness on the news.   Seems to have found a soft spot in my own soul so have been keeping it low and just knitting gifts for Christmas, and holding my blessings (read daughter) close as there will be many this year who's child will not be with them.

Who would have thought eleven years ago that I would be celebrating Christmas 2012!!!!   I have nothing but thankfulness in my heart that I may still wrap presents, shop for turkey, and even shovel the walk.   I look at my little shitzu, who is also eleven and remember that I got her for my daughter so she wouldn't be too lonely when I was gone.   Now, we both sit in front of the fireplace, trying to keep our old bones warm and just relax.      She having aged in many ways much faster than me of course.

Well, I will wish everyone a very Blessed Christmas with family and/or friends.   For those who are facing a difficult time this year, remember you are not alone.   It is times like these that we are given a chance to reflect on all the other Christmas' and maybe make some slight changes in our lives so that the ones we are able to celebrate might be a bit more memorable.  I remember many of my childhood Christmas' and have to smile at how long ago they were.   In my mind they seem like just yesterday.  

Merry Christmas to all........and to all a good night!!!!!

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