Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's the Point?.... (Part II)

So to continue the saga of What's the Point .....

Well, I made the decision that it was appropriate now that the tree was up to decorate it.    It wasn't as easy a task as it normally is.     Having to go through the various decoration, many which had been given to me by my mother over the years was stressful.   I could feel the tension in my shoulders and back as I would reach for different bobbles and place them on the tree.    It was a bit of a struggle  but in the end I was happy with the result......

So this little corner of my house looks very festive.   I did also make a decision that this was all that I would do....based on energy levels I had to realize that accepting my limitations is also a choice!!!!!

Christmas is a time to reflect.   It is not necessarily an easy time because often it brings to mind, people, events, memories that are hard to think about, but ultimately it is a time to look at our lives and count the blessings.    Not something we do very often in our society.   We tend to be looking more at what we don't have, or what we can't have, rather than all the things, people, gifts that we already have.    After this past week, with the tragedy that unfolded in Newtown, CT....I think just thanking God that my daughter is safe, has been able to grown up, is in itself my greatest blessing.

I wasn't going to write about this event but I have to make one comment.   I have cancer, and I have an incredible support system in place both personally and medically in order that I can deal with this disease.   There is no stigma attached to my disease.    I cannot say the same for all those millions of people who suffer from mental illness.    Although there are people, and places that are willing to help people with mental illness, it is such a stigma in our society that many will never get the help they need.   I believe that this young man suffered from mental illness.   It does not dismiss, or trivialize the terrible acts that he did, but we must realize that he is not the Evil people talk about.   The evil  is the disease, just as cancer is evil.   This makes it much harder to just pontificate about forces us to stop, and look, and then commit ourselves to finding an answer......otherwise we just ignore it till it happens,   Again.   So I  pray for this young man's soul, that God will forgive him, I pray for his father who is grieving the loss of both his son and his wife.   I also pray for all in Newtown that they will find the strength to heal, which at this point as a parent I can't even imagine how one does that!!!!!!

So, as we come to the Season of Joy, let us hug our loved ones a little tighter, smile at the stranger on the street, and give thanks for everything we already have.     May this season bless everyone with joy, love, and compassion.

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