Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Denial can be a GOOD thing too!

It's been awhile.   I have been between times, between family and friends, between places and people, between home and home.   It has been interesting and exhausting.   I am very glad to be home in my own place with my own stuff and my own bed.   We are definitely creatures of habit and familiarity.  I feel so much better emotionally, physically, and mentally because I know where I am and what I am to do.

So I will sit in my in between time and recover.    I will sleep, and I will eat, I will re-arrange (b/c that is what I do) and I will be grateful for this time to remember how much I love my home.   I think the bus has been parked for a very long time and so we might have to get it tuned up and in gear.  Go for an appointment in June and will need to make some decisions, so for now I will relax and enjoy!  I think I have moved completely into denial again b/c I seem to forget that I have serious decisions to make besides whether to knit or to read.....will remain here for awhile longer.....denial has it purpose and its place and I am more than willing to accept it right now.    Denial allows us to actually live our life for moments at a time as if nothing is really different.....that can be a very good thing............

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Birdie said...

I have always said denial is a good thing! It gets us through the crapiest times. It allows us time to relax and have fun. It allows us breathing space. So go knit and read and be well.