Monday, May 9, 2011

Tired....bone tired!

Tired, impatient, angry, .....I hate it when I feel these feelings.   I know that something is going on b/c there are times lately when it seems that I just can't cope.   Those are times when I seem so tired, I have hit a wall.  Fatigue is so prevalent with this disease, it is like the body just can't deal with the usual day to day living.  I am so tired these days....that is all though just tired.  Bone tired!

I remember a day, before this all started, when my energy levels would soar during a trip to the East Coast.  I would be on the go all the time and loving every minute of it.  This trip, I just seem too tired to really do anything.  If I am not with my Mom I seem to just lie around and read....I haven't even been knitting lately b/c that seems to take too much concentration.   I know that stuff must be going on inside or else I wouldn't be so tired.   Other than that I feel pain, bowels are fine, etc.   If you haven't had a chronic disease I don't think you can understand the type of fatigue I am talking about.  Not just a tired from being too busy, or tired from not getting enough sleep, but more of a tired that seems to enter at a deeper level, like at the soul.  Maybe it is a more emotional as well as physical tired.    Whatever it is, it sucks.    So, off I go for a nap, and the thought of having to even go into the city to look at yarn doesn't temp me......maybe it is the weather too......fog and rain......way to heavy to carry around....


Birdie said...

What can I say? It sucks. I hope your energy returns soon. Have you tired Reiki?

Journey-woman said...

I did when I was having chemo but not since.....I have tried reflexology and it is wonderful....will look into it when I get back home......hope you are doing o.k.???