Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home sweet Home!

Well, its still raining but I am feeling much better.   Took a couple of days and just stayed put and knit!....then today I went out and bought some yarn....and a new pattern.   OMG it is amazing how the energy flows through the body when you are doing something you love.

Must admit I am feeling much better....seems a good respite from running around and being on call does help ones energy levels.   I have one more week of house sitting and then I head home.  I am very eager to be in my own surroundings and routine.  I learned that lesson well when I was sick and in the hospital.  I always seemed to do much better when I got back into  my own bed and my own familiar environment.   It is amazing how we as humans are as territorial as any other creature and that even if the new environment appears to be better the familiar one is the best.   I think we really do feel safer when we are around our own things.  Safety is a big issue when you are sick.  There are enough uncontrollable variables when you are ill without having to deal with unfamiliar places, thus at least at an unconscious level unsafe!
More and more we have come to understand that and are encouraged to go home from hospital sooner and even to be allowed to spend our final days in our home and with family looking after is amazing how we continually think we can do things better and then end up going back to the way things have been done for thousands of years.

Interesting how we all like the idea of going on holidays but then we can't wait to get home....just re-enforces how true the above is even when we aren't ill.   Well, I will enjoy the time I have left on the Coast....praying the sun might shine at least one or two days...and look forward to going home when the time comes.....till then I must go and knit my new pattern....wheeeeeeee!!!!!


Birdie said...

I am so glad you are feeling better AND knitting again! I was feeling bad for you on your last post. It is nice to have energy enough to think!

Keep being good to yourself, OK?

Birdie said...

Blogger ate my last comment to you!

I am so pleased you are feeling better! This is good. Sending positive energy your way.