Friday, February 25, 2011

Looking out for your Feet!!!!!!

O.K. I am really excited, I have had an experience that is new and probably the most wonderful thing I have done in sooooooo long.    I am very eclectic in most everything in my life.  I love all kinds of different music, I have a variety of friends with various interests, my furniture comes from flea markets, yard sales, and other people's basements, my spiritual beliefs run the gamut, and I love food that tastes good.   So it's  no surprise that when dealing with my health I am very open minded to a number of different approaches.

I believe that I must use traditional medicine to make sure that I live long enough to try the less traditional methods.   As Dr. Andrew Weil says, if it is between living and dying whether you do chemo, do the chemo till you find something better!!!!  So, I do chemo!   I also take lots of vitamins, eat very little fat and non-processed foods, and try really hard to get some exercise......that means walking.  Again quoting Dr. Weil, we are bipeds so really the best exercise for us is walking....and I love walking (swimming too).   But again I have wandered off on a the new experience.    Just as I make sure I consume healthy food ect., I also make sure that I am kind and soothing to my body.  I have gone for massages for the better part of 20 years and I would suggest that everyone should do so.   It is so relaxing, if for no other reason than you have to lie still for an .....The other day I decided to try Reflexology.....OMG it was the most wonderful one hour I have ever spent.   I love to have my feet rubbed so that was the attraction initially.   Well, it is the most relaxed I have been in ages.   It took me the rest of the day to just get back to a somewhat normal stress level in order that I could function.  I lay there for one full hour while the therapist first massaged with the intent of pressing pressure points.   There were spots on my feet that thought they died and had gone to heaven without the rest of my body.   It was like they had been awakened from an eternal rest.   Ohhhhh it was so great.    THEN, the therapist massaged my feet and calves and I just melted into the table like I was ice turning into water.   (I even caught myself twice starting to snore LOL).   I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it......oh I guess I just did.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has any stress, is burnt out, or just needs a little TLC, go for reflexology.   The bonus is its cheaper than a massage, and in my estimation much much more relaxing.....So, my prescription for this week is to BE NICE TO YOUR FEET, and your soul will never forget you.
It is important no matter what is going on in our lives to take some quality time and make sure all the parts are covered.    So emotional, spiritually, mentally and physically make sure you do something each week for each area.   I know that I will be doing this again.    Life is so wonderful when the whole body is happy!!!!!!!


Pat said...

Oooohh! I'm with you - it's all about the feet. Touch them, touch them please!!

tamara said...

Now, you see...BIG Squick Factor when dealing with my feet...don't touch 'em...but this account has made me reconsider, and I may just let a stranger "have at 'em!"