Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to get a smile......

Having spent the past few days sitting around feeling sorry for myself I have actually found something to smile about.   I will say now, if you aren't feeling well and need to have something to put a smile on your face whether you want to or not you have to get a pet.   I have been watching my little dog and two cats as I sit curled up in my chair, and they are so crazy.  I don't mean bad crazy, I mean weird, funny crazy.    Do you ever wonder what they are thinking, or better yet if they are thinking.   The 10 year old dog (a whole story in itself), who is a girl and is named Bilbo Baggins ( my daughter's idea) decided when we got the cats a year and a half ago that she must be their mother.   So, to this day, has to clean them.  Well at least tries , the bigger yet kinder one even enjoys it!  Each morning she licks Squidjet (again my daughter's idea....there is a theme here!) till she is completely soaked and the kicker is Squidjet purrs and wriggles around like she is in heaven.  When she has had enough she simply walks away, with Bilbo following pulling at her tail to come back.  Meanwhile, Curia (my cat) tears around the place like she is possessed careening into and over things.  Then spy's me and climbs up into my lap and promptly goes to sleep.  This is our morning ritual while I sit and drink my coffee in a stupor....barely even considering moving let alone allowing someone else to clean me!

I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this miniature chaos to watch each morning.   No matter how I feel, I find myself either smiling silently or sometimes even laughing out loud.    I guess there is some truth to the idea that when you have pets you live longer......they certainly do entertain you if nothing else.


Pat said...

No drugs on earth can beat the hearty laughs and loving comfort that a pet(s) can give you. My late cat, God Bless Chester, helped me through my "c" just by being there. Pets are truly under-rated by many people.

Marilou said...

Pets are always happy to see you no matter what is going on in your life. Hence the term, pet therapy. Keep enjoying those morning coffees.