Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oldie in the system!

Just a quick post to say the journey has started.    Getting the phone calls about appointment arrangements and all which means the bus is being gassed up and idling waiting for the first trip to 'cancer town'.......yuk!

There is a funny note to it though.   I must be considered an 'oldie' as I am now getting messages with brief summaries of what they need to know.    My answers can be left on message machines too!
Pre-opt form hadn't been filled out so I got a call from hospital (I am familiar with the individual) and she listed off a whole bunch of maladies - diabetes, cardiac issues, pace maker , clips, dialysis etc, wanting to know if the answer is still no.     I had to laugh!    Guess I have been around long enough that this can be done over the phone.    Not that I mind, makes my life easier!

Waiting to see how the rest progresses.......MRI, CT Scans, blood tests, ECG all the necessary pre-cursors to the invasion of the body doctors.

Keep you posted :)

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