Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Interesting bit of information........Common Cold!

I have been complaining about having a nasty 'common' cold lately and a friend sent me this.    I will share the link here for anyone who is interested in reading about the possibilities of this common yet nasty virus maybe doing some good !

It is a very interesting article and in many ways makes sense.   The most interesting thing that I found was that every time I have had a recurrence I have also had a really bad cold about the same time .   I have always thought perhaps it is because my immunity is down and so I am more susceptible to the virus, but this puts a whole different light on things.   I am just 'talking out loud' now, because God knows I am not a scientist or even anything close to that, but maybe it was the virus kicking in trying to resolve the cancer.     Just saying!    I am always thinking about these things, as anyone who knows me  knows, so this spiked my interest. 

Who knows, stranger things have happened and we know so little about the way our immunity system really works.    This miracle we call a body has the ability to heal it self in so many ways, maybe we are looking outside when we should be looking inside.   I am always open to anything that might help eradicate this disease.     So, I post this link purely for informational purposes because I don't have a lot of information on the source.....but never hurts to think about!

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Anonymous said...

I have heard about this. I have also heard that colds can actually rid our bodies of all sorts of things we don't even know about.