Monday, September 15, 2014

Final arrangements......and a lot of laughter!

Ok....funny but serious discussion with my daughter today.   We decided that it was appropriate that I discuss what I wanted for my funeral arrangements.   I had planned on doing it myself at the local funeral home but she thought it would be enough that she knew......but it also had to be written down.   Her idea was that then she would take this writing and give it to whomever with the words "this is my Mom's is the Holy Grail, if we do exactly as she instructs she won't strike us all dead"....funny girl!

So, I say "I already have written it down.  Its in a blue spiral copy book."    So off I go in search of this ....remember I moved a year ago so it took me awhile.   Especially since I was looking for something blue and it happened to be green.    But eventually voila!    I open it and show it to her.   It is written on two pages with writing going up and down the margins and in and out of paragraphs but its all there.    Not good enough!    Has to be redone and in some sort of order......remember she is just handing it over to whomever.    So I begin my rewrite.    Well as I rewrite I read what I had written.    Some of it was priceless.  I do have to do a little editing because it was done some time ago....friends come and friends go lol.....  There were scripture readings outlined both if I was to be nice....or if I was feeling a little be determined closer to the time lol !    And of course the music.....I guess that has been a subject for some time between the two of us because she reminds me of some music and knows the number on the disc.......The only thing I am leaving to chance is the Eulogy and that is because my daughter thought it would be tacky to have that written by me and ready to be read.   LOL   Oh well hopefully it will be done RIGHT :)

There was even a page of distribution of belongings......which my daughter thought was hilarious.....knowing how she tends to hoard stuff.....

So it was a serious situation, which got done and settled, but it was done with a lot of laughter and fun.   

I am so blessed to have an amazing daughter.....she and I know that this journey has been difficult and no one has been more of my champion than her.    She has walked every step of the way in the bad times and the good times.....we have shared laughter (lots of) and tears (a few) and we walk hand in hand......toward an unknown future.     God I am a lucky woman, mother and now grandmother!

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