Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oh a cold!

You would think that I could get a least for a few more weeks.   But no I have to be like every other person that lives in Canada at this time of year......and get a cold.   Yukky, ukky cold!   Survived the entire year without one and now that I want to have energy and get stuff done I am feeling horrible.    I have so many ideas that I want to do with my place, now that I know I have to have surgery.   Isn't it funny how you try to get things done just when you know you might be leaving?   

I liken it to a job.     While I was in a job, although I am quiet organized, things were never totally in order.   Then when I was going to leave the job, all of a sudden all those ideas that I had had for years come to fruition.    I think its so people think I am more 'organized' than I really am lol.

So I want to paint a couple of tables, finally frame and hang a picture I bought seven years ago, wash my carpet that I have been meaning to do since the dog destroyed my house last spring, oh and finish a couple of projects that I started knitting ages ago, and maybe sew up a few finished projects.   And what happens to prevent me from all this?  I get a nasty cold.

Well, here's to lying on the couch thinking of all the things I could have accomplished if this virus had not taken up residence in my body........Oh but I am going to the Jan Arden concert tonight.....only imminent death would keep me from that!

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