Monday, April 2, 2012

Sadness....and new Life!

It seems that there is sadness all around.   Yesterday at Church I just seemed to be so sensitive to those around me and their personal sadness.   It made me take a bit of a step back and realize that I have a lot to be grateful for.    Most of the sadness was due to loss and my heart just went out to them.   One person seemed totally changed since his wife passed.   He used to be so happy and cheerful and always so excited to see people and yet now he seems like he is just getting through whatever activity he is doing.  

Life can be very difficult and at times very dark.  Having been in those places many times I seem  to be very sensitive to the energy those feelings give.  I don't feel any need to fix it or try and 'make them feel better'.  I just want them to know that I get it and sometimes its good just to feel whatever it is you feel.

This week is Holy Week in the Christian church.  It is a time for us to reflect on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   At a time in history that seemed so dark for His followers, 2000 years later we still mark that time.   Who could know that it wasn't really over.  Imagine how His friends felt when they saw him beaten, dragged through the streets, and then must have been awful.  Whether you believe Jesus to be God or not, anyone would be hard pressed not to be moved and disturbed by viewing such atrocities on another human being.    It must have be awful for those who loved him.    Then, if you believe, He was able to rise above that and to overcome death.   This is the time of year for everyone to realize that we can rise above our suffering, no matter how terrible, and move on to a new chapter in life.     Easter celebrates New Life, however you believe that to be, so take time this week to celebrate the new life that you can have just by being grateful for the blessings in your life....whether that is a new love, a roof over your head, or a pair of shoes on your feet.     We all have something we can be grateful for, and that may help to lift the sadness that we all deal with in our lives.

I am happy that I am sensitive to people's feelings and allow them to be whatever they want at that moment.  I am also very glad that I too can be sad, but then can look out into the world and see the incredible life that I have and be although we are always saying goodbye, at the same time we are also always welcoming a new day........

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