Friday, November 11, 2011

Novermber 11, 2011

So, off to the doctors yesterday....was to be a very long day so I brought my knitting and a crossword book and didn't wear a watch.   All the necessities I have learnt over the years when going to the Cancer Clinic.   They call it the Cancer Program but I refuse to use that name as I it would make me feel like I am in some kind of a 'sit com' at someone elses expense.   Program to me is something you attend for a very short period of time...or something you watch on t.v.    Anyways, I am off topic again!

Off we go, and of course it is not the long day we anticipated.   Why?   Not because the doctors are on time, that would be miraculous.   No because the tests I had last week were not reported on properly so the oncologist couldn't make any decisions.    Not only were they incorrect, they didn't even talk about the tumor.   So, maybe it isn't there I said......unfortunately that isn't te case.   This means that I have to have another ct scan and now an MRI too.   At this rate I will be able to be my own glowing Christmas tree this year, or I will save a fortune in hydro costs b/c you can just plug everything into me.   Maybe, I could make money by being an amazing display of lights all by myself at Pinafore Park this year.  That was my day yesterday the bus is definetly stopped for awhile while we re-group and do some more tests......onto another subject

Today is November 11, and we will be remembering our vets from all the wars.   I will put aside my own crosses and bear the one for those fallen, injured, and still living men and women who have offered their lives so that we may live the life we live..    Off to the school to celebrate with the students.   That will lift my spirits and make me feel very alive ......have you ever tried to move through the halls between periods at a high school....if you stand still long enough you won't survive to talk about it :))   so for all my complaining today I will go and offer up prayers and thanksgiving to all those who have suffered much more than I.   

Lest we forget!

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