Thursday, November 17, 2011

Life happens.......

Life is never boring...but sometimes it is very frustrating.   So I have been waiting for that next scan.....

I had wonderful plans for Thursday, made a few weeks ago.   My nerves haven't been the best so I have been cooking and baking up a storm.  My daughter has always said that 'we eat the best when mom is stressed'..well yestereday I made a big pot of my favorite soup and also decided to make a cake that I love and haven't had in a year or so.    Thought I would share it with friends on Thursday and was psyched.    Well, as life would have it...all that changed with a phone call.   I rec'd a call saying that I was to have a scan at 3:30 Thursday, and I wasn't to EAT anything after breakfast.    OHHHHHHH....when I went to pick up the prep I mentioned to the ladies at reception that this test really was interfering with my plans and explained why.  They looked at me with great compasion and empathy, I thought, then said, well bring it here we can still eat!!!!!

So, I didn't eat but watched as friends enjoyed my preparations.   It was still fun, but reminds me that never think your day is going to turn out the way you have planned.    Life seems to hit you in the face while you are looking the other way.    I have always be heard to quote "if you want to give God a laugh, tell her your plans for the day".....I guess this time I got caught in my own words.    Well the scan is done and now hopefully we can make some decisions on when the surgery will happen....and if nothing else we have begun to get ready for Christmas.....right Tom?????

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