Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Friends....thank God for them!

Well tomorrow is another 'test' day.   I will spend more time in the car than I will at the hospital b/c I have to go all the way to the north end of London for a ct scan.    I guess in order to get you in faster you have to be willing to travel.   So no coffee in the biggest beef with tests.   I can't have anything to drink or eat before hand....why I don't know because it's my hip that they are checking.  That means that I will be cranky till I get my morning caffeine.   Oh what a terrible cross that I must bear.

On another note, I want to tell you about a friend of mine.   She is a relatively new friend, but I really enjoy her and she has some very interesting ways about her.   One, she is always looking to encourage people to do new things, like gardening, looking up names of plants in books, and how to iron linen.   I have learnt so much from her.    Well, now she is set on teaching a group of us how to decorate for the holidays.  Our first course took place in September when she asked us to her house for lunch and knitting.   Little did we know that we would have to learn a new skill before the fun began.   The only thing was I didn't really feel that I had pulled my weight b/c I wasn't feeling very well...although I did offer to make everyone tea while we were knitting in the sunroom....

It seems that she has decided that she needs to give us another lesson in decorating and thought the Christmas season would be a good time.   Feeling that perhaps I wouldn't be much help, I mentioned that  I didn't know if I would be up to decorating and was feeling bad about it.   Oh course, I expected her to dismiss my concerns and just tell me 'it will nice to just have you with us.'     No, she decided it was more important to make me feel like one of the gang and said instead "oh I have just the right job for you to do, someone needs to unwrap the ornaments for th tree and hand them to the person can do that, and you can sit while you do it"....isn't that sweet of concerned for my needs and wanting me to feel useful.....

Now, normally when I 'play the cancer card' people are much more sympathetic and tell me not to worry....but no not her......she will find something for me to do, and it won't be just making tea.   So, I guess after 10 years I have finally met my match......I think I will call her Tom Sawyer from now on because she is able to make decorating for her seem like a fun thing to Tom, when do you want the decorating staff over????????.....oh before you go south for your vacation, of course!

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Pat said...

I also think your Tom Sawyer is a very special and considerate person. BUT, remember, you must also be someone special for her to want to care about you so much.