Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas miracles .....

So it's Christmas time!   Not really feeling it which isn't normal for me .   I love Christmas but this year it just seems to be overwhelming me.    I think the body can only handle so much whether it's good or bad .    I have been procrastinating doing anything and yet at the same time I know this is my first Christmas with my granddaughter ..... That is fun .... Just the energy levels,the pain, the stress of the surgery seems to press down like a weight .   I get up and think ok today I will decorate, or shop, or wrap then I sit down and it doesn't happen!!!!!!    Well the universe has conspired to make me move :)

God intervened through those around me:

A good friend helped me finish a special gift which started me looking forward to the season.    Then a friend gave me a very nice gift to share with my family .    So again, I am being directed towards the Christmas spirit.    Then I lost the gift :(.  I searched, retraced steps, prayed to St. Anthony (the patron saint of lost things) , then finally let it go ....  No point obsessing over it .... It's gone .    Two days later another friend comes to me and says "look what I found".  There in her hand is my lost gift.   The story of it coming into her hands is bizarre but suffice it to say ..... It was a miracle .... A Christmas miracle.    Then, a friend decides to visit and while here convinces me to haul out a few decorations, put up a small tree and VOILA..    I am inspired!     So Christmas will take place this year and I will participate ..... Sometimes you just need a little divine intervention through the love and kindness of friends .

I am still tired and overwhelmed about the future, but for the next little while I will live in the moment and enjoy the season ..... Count my blessings and find joy in what today has to offer.

I am a very blessed woman in so many ways :)


Birdie said...

Christmas is overwhelming at best. Add cancer to the mix and surgery and most people would just stay in bed.
I am glad your lost thing was returned to you. Yesterday I lost my work cell phone. I can't even explain the trouble that would happen if I lose it. I was praying to all things that would listen but for the life of me could not remember who the patron saint of lost things are! Thanks for mentioning it here. I did find my phone wedged under the passenger seat of my car. How it got there is beyond me but when I found it relief washed over me. Then I had to remember to thank all those I prayed to that helped me find it.

Birdie said...

*patron saint of lost things is,

Journey-woman said...

Thanks Birdie I needed to hear that !