Monday, December 1, 2014

The bus is in DRIVE!

Well, well, well, things are moving.   I am sitting in the driver's seat and the bus is buzzing along at break neck speed.    Last week I felt like I was in a field of mud, slogging along by myself trying to get some one's attention.    And then BAM!!!!!

So Thursday I saw my oncologist , Friday the ortho surgeon (or as my Mom would say 'bone man').   Figured that would be it for awhile as it seems to go in fits and starts.   Today I get a call to say that on Wednesday I am having a bone scan and then next Tuesday (Dec 9) a second appointment with the bone man to discuss the results.    Also, somewhere in there I am to meet again with my oncologist.    To be honest, I work best at this pace.    I am more of a doer than a waiter.    So, I actually feel good about what is happening.   Also, can't spend to much time thinking when you are busy driving the bus..........

Now the only thing is that we need the bone scan to show that its only metastasized to the hip.....and we can get that sucker resected, rebuild and repaired.    Plus of course all the other stuff the oncologist must do such as resecting bowel and removing muscle etc.    Big surgery, but at least we are doing something.   The one lesson that I have learned about this disease is that if the doctors are still willing to do surgery they are hopeful of a positive outcome.     That is what I keep in the forefront of my mind now.  

So, before Christmas or after Christmas who knows.   As long as we do it!!!!!!

Feeling like the universe is back in my control, if it is only an illusion that is fine at this point.   Let me live in my fantasy for the next while :)   THE BUS HAS LEFT THE STATION !

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