Friday, February 15, 2013

No news.......good news! news is good news.   Well there is really nothing new to report.   Tests proved to be good...the nasty beast is growing but still is not infringing on anything so the doctor wants us to 'stay the course'.   It is my decision ultimately because the turmour is operable but I for one am not interested in doing surgery again so close to the last one....August 2012.    If I don't have to it will be better in the long run to let the last incision heal and mend before cutting into it again!!!! always a bit of an oxymoron :)

As for the nausea, well we still aren't sure what's up with that.   As the doctor says the only thing we do know is that there is very little to no chance that the cancer is causing it.    He even says that there is no evidence of any blockage, adhesion etc that could be the cause.   In addition he checked the head CT scan....brain is there but nothing else!!!! :)   Essentially, it is a mystery still to be solved....but by my GP not my specialist.   OMG I never envisioned a life so involved with our medical community.....thank goodness I live in Canada and have no worries about cost....and as far as I have experienced I have had nothing but good care, timely and with compassion....I would probably be a great 'poster girl' for universal health care.

It is amazing how one's psychological health improves when you realize that the symptoms that you are experiencing are not serious or life threatening.   It is difficult at times to deal with anything new because one immediately thinks it might be something sinister....but alas.....this time I am just normally being annoyed by something that at this point is not diagnosed but also not cancer related.....yea I can deal with that. 

I want to thank everyone for all your support and prayers at this time.   I am not one to easily express what is actually going on in my life and the positive responses always surprise me.    This blog has allowed me the opportunity to be honest about what is going on without having to look into the faces of those I care about and see their concern for me.   I am not good at that , although that may surprise many who know me, plus in many ways that count I am a private person.   The one thing that I have learnt over the past couple of years is that when we are honest about our trials and troubles, there is a world of love and support out there........I have been blessed with this knowledge many times over.

So.....on Valentine's Day I have found that I am those known and unknown and that has been my blessing on this day.......Happy Love Day to everyone and blessing too!!!!!


Shelley J said...

Sooo happy for you but wish the nausea would get lost,sincerely, follower Shelley

Birdie said...

I am SO glad to read this post! Thanks for the updates.

And yes, UHC is the way it should be for everyone. My mom received excellent care and for that I will always be grateful.