Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow and Memories!

Quiet snowy winter days.    Well winter has arrived finally and I don't mind.   I guess when you live in Canada there is an expectation that it will be cold, snowy and brisk (love that word) for a period of time.   When it doesn't come, it is a little disconcerting!!!   The snow storm on Friday was just like the "old days" with lots of snow, blowing and no plows out!!!!!!  Later in the evening I had the chance to walk out and it was wonderful.  The crisp air, the clear sky and the snow up to my shins reminded me of when I was young.   We would dress up in our snow pants, scarves (we were allowed to wear them then) and double up on our mitts, grab our toboggans (wooden and waxed) and meet up with friends to go tobogganing on the golf course hill.   I am sure there would be numerous liability issues today....

Off we would go, and slide and climb for hours.   It would be 10 p.m. before I would fall in the door, rosy cheeked and exhausted.   Mom would take my soaking mitts off and take my hands in hers and blow her breath on them to warm them.   The fingers would be white on the tips and they would burn at first but it always felt good.  Then she would make a pot of tea and sit in the kitchen and listen to all the stories and mishaps that had happened.    Memories are so good to have.......especially when I have been missing my Mom and Dad so much lately.    So snowstorms bring back a time and a place that I will carry in my heart forever!!!!  We had so much fun in those days.....outside, fresh air, and no adults around!!!!!

Like life, a beautiful time once the storm has passed....glorious sunrise and frosted trees...the earth is fresh and new to greet another day.

As for health....well things are what they are.    Sleeping is still allusive but I seem to make up for it by not doing much the next day.   Last night was brutal so didn't do much today...not even Church....imagine that.    Wanted to go for a long  walk, but even the dog wasn't interested in going out.....she walked to the end of the walkway and turned no  walk for me.
Have been cooking up some new recipes from my Mom's old ones and so that has made the house smell good and my belly feel full.    Meds seem to be working relatively well, as long as I remember in the morning to take my always takes me a little while to get used to taking new pills.
I did find an new show to watch and think that I am going to become addicted to it.    It's a British show called Downton Abbey.   Got the first season and watched it all day today....loved it.   I don't have t.v so I will have to get the other seasons as they come out.    It's been a long time since I found something so interesting to watch and with such good actors ......suggest it to everyone.   I think I will have to get the movie that it was made from called Gosford Park.

Well that is all she wrote today........

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