Wednesday, February 13, 2013

See what tomorrow brings????

Just a quick post.   Tomorrow I go to the doctor and usually I hate these appointments.   I am actually looking forward to it because I have been feeling so lousy.   I don't think there will be any earth shattering decisions made but I think it is time to have a talk about what the future (near future) holds.   

My fatigue has really started to take its toll and the damn nausea is not going away.    Also, really bad pain in the side of  my head but I think that is from clenching my jaw so tight at night that I am having muscle spasms.   It is an indication that I am more stressed that even I admit to......

So here we go again........maybe!!!!


Shelley J said...

Yes here we go , looks like the next bus is boarding in your journey, and we're coming with ya darlin'.

Birdie said...

I am thinking about you. I know it doesn't help much but maybe it does a little.