Monday, March 19, 2012

Sand, Sun and Sea........Wheeeeeee

Blogging from sunny Florida.    As luck would have it I hear that the Great White North is not white and not much cooler than Florida these days.   Oh well, at least when I have colour I will have a story to tell!!!!!

Been in  paradise for over a week and still hear myself declare "it's March and I am swimming, it's March and I have sandals on, it's March and I am too hot......why do I live so far north?

The weather has been nothing but perfect.   We have travelled around and are at this moment in Kissimee, close to Disney World.    I decided to stay at the hotel and just sit by the pool, sun myself, do a little shopping and just veg.    I have been to Disney and for me once was enough.   

This trip was a very spontaneous decision and I have my disease to thank for the ability to just pick up and go somewhere without all kinds of thought and planning.  I mean I got cancer without planning and the world didn't end so ....  There was a time when  this would not have been possible for my 'controlling psyche'.   I used to have to plan, worry, have anxiety attacks and then second guess my decision.  Now I just go....what the hell, what is going to happen that I haven't already had to deal with in this life.   Although, the trip has not been totally uneventful nothing has thrown me too off course.   To start with we weren't even back in London when the temperature gauge went off on the car and the car overheated.   Slipped into a Canadian Tire, got some coolant and decided we would continue on our way.   Drove for six hours that night and got to Cincinnati Ohio about 2:30 am.  No car problems.   Then at the Tennessee/Kentucky border at about 5 pm we hit a traffic jam and a three hour detour.    Through the Tennessee hills no less....winding two lane road in the dark.   I was a little disappointed it wasn't day light as the parts we could see - deep ravines and very high cliffs - did look neat.   The only positive was we came across a little town that was having a cash cow b/c of the extra someone gained from our other late night!   The third and final day we had to stop at a Medical Clinic b/c the little one had an ear ache and was literally screaming in the car.    That took about three hours so we again were delayed.    We had a meeting and decided that as there seemed to be an 'event' each day we were probably best to drive all the rest of the way to avoid another day and perhaps another 'event'.   We arrived at our destination at about 10 pm.

I have enjoyed myself  and feel very grateful to have been asked to go.   So, the moral of this story is that if this had been offered years ago I would have had a hundred excuses why I couldn't go.   Obviously everything happens in its own time and I was able to just say 'sure lets go' ......and life sure is good.....oh the other 'event' is that I have caught the worst cold I have had in two years....wouldn't you know it I would have to come to Florida to catch a cold.   Oh well, I am not going to let that spoil my trip....I have been much sicker and survived so this is just another 'pebble in my shoe' and I am not even going to sit on the side and take it out ....just limp a little till I get home.

Out looking for dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, off Tarpon Springs.

Visiting a beach on an Island in the Gulf....beautiful shells to be had....and really really warm!

It is at moments and places like these that we can see the true beauty in God's creation.   I am so blessed to be here with family and to  enjoy life at a time in my life that could be anything but blessed.   I have said before and repeat now I have never found 'cancer a blessing" but I have grown through the pain of this disease to appreciate the life that God has given me even if it isn't the one I would have chosen..........

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