Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cancer.....a 'reality' check!

Well its back to reality opposed to Florida World.    Tomorrow is another appointment day and so today is the 'day before syndrome'.    I thought all would be mellow and content even though I have to see my oncologist tomorrow but no....last night was a bit restless and a terrible headache all day tells me that I am worrying about something at a some level.

Oh to go back to sea, sand and sun where illness does not exist and no one knows my history.   I will be fine and get through tomorrow.   I have a bad cold and it seems to be sitting endlessly in my chest so I will have to have that checked.   Have an appointment on Friday with my GP but maybe the doctor can check it out tomorrow and save me the trip in again on Friday.   In addition to all the medical business of  course the insurance company had called while I was away.   It never seems to end.

Well, I will be grateful for time away and the rest to endure the problems of life.   I will sit and look at my peaceful pics and remember a simpler and sunnier time.   Here's a few of those peaceful pics....

Cancer doesn't take vacations but we can .......its all in the attitude.   I left all the negative stuff here at home while I travelled the States and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.    I really do believe that I didn't think about anything bad for a whole two weeks.    Tomorrow will be that 'reality check' we all get when we get back whatever that may be in one's life.    Vacations are exactly that 'times to vacate from reality'....but they are only temporary......The good thing about coming home is seeing all the people you love and hearing "you were missed"....nothing sounds so sweet!

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