Friday, March 2, 2012

Reflection .....a very good thing

After I wrote my post yesterday I began to think about what I actually had said.   It occurred to me that I  have just been assuming that the yukky feelings that I have had lately must be attributed to the cancer.   Then I found some requisitions for blood tests that I never went and had.   They were not from my oncologist but from my GP.  I remember her saying that it is important to keep up on other things and not let myself slip through the cracks b/c I have cancer.   It is interesting that one forgets that other ailments and maladies could be happening even though I have something chronic going on.    One thing at a time please, isn't that our mantra!

So then I began to think about things and decided that perhaps I have some other problem, or maybe this is what aging feels like.   I have always said that 'those who talk about the golden years probably never attained them".   Mainly , because I here most older people, or should I say peers now, complain about aches and pains, fatigue, sleepless nights, body pain, etc.   Ok, so now that I think about it all those are the complaints that I have had through just logical deduction I am probably suffering from what is called 'getting old' too is chronic and it too has no cure....well at least not one that I am prepared to arrive at yet!......I feel much better now, except for that lower back pain when I move!!!!!!!!

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