Monday, December 26, 2011

Another Christmas ...come and gone!

Another Christmas over and more memories to store away for those lonely days when you need a little pick me up.   This Christmas was a wonderful time for a number of reasons, least of  them that I am here and healthy enough to enjoy it.    Reminders that there are those who survived to see Christmas day yet had to deal with health issues is always a good reminder to me to enjoy the moments and be grateful for the health that I have been blessed with.  An 'attitude of gratitude' is essential in life in order to really live it to the fullest.  No life is perfect, or without its disappointments or sadness's, but finding the light in the midst of the darkness can turn what might seem to be a bad day into a very good day.

I have no regrets this year or disappointments.   On the contrary, it was a miraculous time all round.  I enjoyed lots of visits with friends, and even reconnected with family.   That in many ways was the best present of all (besides the beautiful fireplace my daughter and her partner gave me!).   To be with family at this time of year is important but to reconnect with family especially at this time of year is divine.   I got to visit with and break bread with people who have been in my life for all of my life, but who I haven't seen in years.   I am so blessed to have had the chance to see these family members and to be reminded how much I enjoy their company and the ease with which I feel about myself around them.   You can never be quite the person you are except with family.  They know you 'warts' and all and still love you.

Another wonderful time was had cooking Christmas dinner at my home for the first time in  years.   We had turkey and all the trimmings with a twist.....gluten free.   Staying home due to so many dietary restrictions allowed me to see how much I have missed being the chief cook and bottle washer at Christmas time.   There were only three of us but it was a beautiful and loving time.    I think we may continue this in the future.    It isn't important how many are around the table, only the love that is around the table.

So Christmas Day has come and gone, but the season of love and gratitude can last for the entire year if I allow it to.   Beginning today, and hopefully into the New Year, I will be grateful for what I have, and not be disappointed in the things I don't have.    That will be my way of living into the future. ....what ever it holds and for however long that is.   It really isn't how long we live that counts, so much as how much we live during the time we have......blessings to all for a wonderful New Year!

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