Thursday, December 8, 2011

Latte' fuel for cleaning...

It is now evening and as you can see I survived the test.   I was surprised had how much the MRI's have changed over the years.   Doesn't even look the same, seems smaller and less intimidating.   I was in it for about 40 minutes, listening to or rather trying to listen to music.  If you haven't had one of these tests you don't realize how noisy they are.   While they are on standby it sounds like birds are twittering in it.   When you start the test it sounds like it is a rocket about to blast off with these funny noises that increase in sound and then it sounds like someone dropped sneakers in a dryer.  If you close your eyes you can imagine a variety of things and think that you are on a really weird trip of some sort.

So, of course  I took one of my Ativan, and sort of dozed off between loud noises and them talking to me and this mechanical voice saying "breathe", "hold your breath", relax....a little creepy.  Had a few very short but strange dreams, and then would wake to a voice from nowhere telling me to 'breathe'.....

Afterwards I was a little drowsy so we went to Timmies and I got one of their new Lattes with Mocha....oh so good.   BUT, then I got home and the Espresso made me very energetic.   I cleaned the basement, broke up about a dozen boxes for garbage, then went out to the garage and continued to clean up and break up boxes, sort gardening things, bring stuff into the basement which now had room b/c  the boxes were gone.   Put out loads of recycling garbage to be picked up tomorrow.  It was like I was a mad woman.   Now the basement is clean and organized, the garage can now fit my van.  Oh yea and then I spent a large number of minutes on the telephone making changes to my cable and phone bills, house insurance and car insurance.   Those Lattes could be the solution to our children's lack of energy when it comes to cleaning their room.  We could slip them one on a Saturday morning and then just watch them fly around like crazy people cleaning.....probably not they would be just moving their hands faster while they played the video games.

So the day was not a total loss.    Must watch those Lattes though....only drink in the early day or else I would be up all night cleaning....what a very depressing thought.   Well, off to dinner with a friend and then a relaxed evening knitting.....with all this extra energy I might actually finish the sweater I am making......bye bye

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Birdie said...

Ha ha. Nothing like caffeine to get the job done. And Tim's at that. Go buy more and you can knit all night.