Sunday, December 18, 2011

No miracles today.........but

Well it is the season for miracles and I was hoping maybe there was one in my life.....I recently had some tests in preparation for possible surgery.   In two ct scans they couldn't seem to find the tumor that had been on my right psoas muscle for over a year now.   In August it was very obvious and had grown and by November it was very painful.    It was decided in early November that I would undergo surgery to finally have it removed.    So thus the tests.

Then the pain went away and I could finally sleep through the night for the first real time since last May.    So, needless to say when I found out they couldn't see the tumor, I figured it was gone.  I mean it is the season for miracles and I thought maybe, just maybe, God had decided to grant me one.   Not that He doesn't owe me one mind you.....10 years of dealing with cancer certainly in my books deserves a miracle of some sort.      Well, it was not to be.   Of course the doctors weren't going to give up that easily and they aren't the sort to believe too quickly in divine intervention.   I mean it could effect their bottom line!!!!   So I had a MRI.    And lo and behold ( that's a Christmas expression the angels used!)    there it was still in the same old place and a little bigger.   Damn scan, leading me on like a hormonally charged man!!!!!!!....

So, how come no pain I ask.....because perhaps it has shifted away from nerve I am told.   So, how come I feel less tired and more rested these days I ask......because you are probably sleeping more soundly now that you have no pain I am told.....always a logical answer.   So science wins miracles at least not this time.

I have miracles in my life though - a daughter who loves me, friends who care a lot, an amazing group of women who put up with me and my idiosyncrasies ....not much to complain about.....and so I will enjoy this Christmas and all the blessings it brings with it and  hope that perhaps a miracle will still happen in the new here's the BUT,

Here is a two thousand year old miracle presented in a very new way.......enjoy!


Pat said...

Totally adorable video! Especially the third wise"man". Thanks for sharing - the video and your medical update.

Linda B said...

Thanks for sharing your medical update, I've been checking your blog periodically to see how you're doing .
As always, you are able to see the blessings in your life ! ( and that helps those of us reading this blog to be grateful for the lives we have )
hope you have a wonderful Christmas season !! ( and who knows , maybe that miracle may happen .... NEVER give up hope !)