Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just wandering......through life!

When I began this blog almost a year ago I had these ideas that it was my way of using a bad thing to maybe share some insights for others.  Well, I realize now that it has become a really good way of keeping myself honest about what is happening on this journey called life.  Whether it helps someone else has become secondary.  I seemed to have left the bus behind and am travelling more in my own vehicle just allowing others to wave as I drive by.   That isn't necessarily a bad thing.  I think in many ways I have spent a good part of the last ten years trying to see how my journey can effect others instead of honestly looking at it and experiencing it purely from a selfish point of view.  

Well, it sucks sometimes and right now I don't really care if it helps someone else.    I am sad on many levels and I need to work things out.  I realize that cancer isn't the only thing that I have had to deal with lately.   I am starting to think that perhaps this 'empty' nest   stage is taking more of a toll on me than I have been willing to admit.   I will start working through that and see if maybe I will be feeling a bit more chipper.   So....can't write too much today because I haven't the energy nor the insight at this point but I am beginning to reflect on more of life's experiences rather than just the cancer one. 

I recently went with friends to a really pretty spot for a walk....this is the picture that I took and it helps me to reflect that life is  journey and you don't always know what awaits you just around the corner but you have to keep moving forward in order to find out.....


Pat said...

Sometimes it is just therapeutic to journey on your own and self satisfy...but when that becomes cumbersome or overwhelming, "think of us on the bus" !!

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!