Friday, September 23, 2011

Good days....very good days!

Nothing to profound to write tonight.  It is almost midnight and I am sitting at the computer reading other people's blogs and realizing there is this incredibly huge world out there with people of all kinds with lives of all kinds.   Makes my life seem much smaller in the grand scheme of things.  This is a good thing because I believe it is important to remember that we are just one small piece of something much greater.   Not that what we feel or live is not worthy of our focus but that it must always be kept within the context of the greater picture.  As Desiderata says "there is no greater or lesser person than yourself",but we are only one part of the whole.

Obviously, I have moved on from my horrible day yesterday.   I decided that sleeping 12 hours was the best way to deal with it and so now I am feeling much better.   Was wakened up by a very good friend from PEI....nice way to wake up hearing a voice that is as familiar as my own....   I didn't do much with the remainder of the day but it was a good day.    I baked, which always makes me feel good and then I took my baking to my knitting group and watched other people eat it...which also makes me feel good especially around the waist!!!:}     I always love to go to the knitting group.  No matter how I feel or what is going on in my life, this is one of the constants.    Sitting and knitting, either quietly (yes sometimes I am quiet) or sharing stories and jokes, I feel like I have found a place that I can truly be myself.   I have met the most amazing women (and some neat men too) who I would probably never had the chance to cross paths with if it hadn't been for knitting.  Knitting introduced us, loving each other has made us friends.   I guess I have alot to be thankful for even if the 'lady' on the phone yesterday didn't get my life story.    Well I don't seem to have much more to write and I am getting sleepy finally....only been up for about 12 hours but tomorrow will bring more adventures so I better get some sleep.   Life can be very good some days....and today was certainly one of them.

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