Friday, June 24, 2011

Appointments and Reality!

The ups and downs of life.   Lately, I have had a real reprieve from thinking about my 'situation', and it has been nice.  Today it is back to appointment looms.   Not that I expect any earth shattering news or anything, just that moment in time when you realize that all is not as it seems.   So, off I go to the cancer clinic, a place that brings me so far back in time it seems a lifetime ago....although in some ways it is because on Monday it will be one decade exactly to the day!

Here's to today....only a brief moment in my life but one I really wish I could miss........on the bus, driving with blinders, watch out for those spring pot holes it could be a rough ride!

PS....I will come home and wrap myself in some love......teal and white love!!!!!


Pat said...

And if you hear some clicking, there is nothing wrong with the bus, it is just us in the back knitting!

Marilou said...

Don't forget to take off the blinders and acknowledge your friends. We are all rooting for you!!