Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2001.......2011

I remember when I was diagnosed I thought often about how long I had....what year would I make it to in the new millennium????.....never did I really believe that I would still be wondering that same thing in the year 2011.....

Today was a very reflective day.  It was sunny and warm, the sky was never bluer, the birds never sang so sweetly, and the day seemed to go on and on.   I did absolutely nothing I didn't want to do, and yet I did many many things.   I drank coffee on my swing, I spoke to my sister for an hour, I cut the grass, planted some plants, filled bird feeders, and bird baths, read my book in the shade, walked the dog, and had a wonderful meal at my favorite restaurant with my daughter.   Watched some t.v., did some laundry and relished in the fact that I was able to do all these things and loved every minute of the day.

It is now time to go to bed and pray that my life continues in this vein for another impossible number of years.
Living in the moment can mean that no matter how long you live, you live a long time....there have been so many moments over the past ten years....and I just about remember each one of them.   Thank you God for my existence, for my continued life, for all my blessings (cancer certainly not one of them), and for my daughter and all the people I have in my life that allow it to be such a full and meaningful one.


Birdie said...

What can I say? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

As a friend through Cursillo I'm so glad you've had these extra years. I love following your blog and the pleasure I receive from your perspective on life and living it well. I want to be a part of your life for a lot longer! Reading your blog makes me stop, appreciate the present, and the joy of living in the moment instead of the things to be done. DeColores! Michelle L.