Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Have not been online lately, due mainly to technical problems.   My computer crashed and so I have been limited to what I am able to do.  Not that I mind, because this is the time of year that I love to move outside and leave the business of inside for awhile.   Have finished my little garden and now sit and sometimes even sleep in it whenever possible.  Just watching the birds, squirrels and my little vole preparing for their new families is such a pleasure.   If I sit quietly for a long time they forget that I am there and I can see them acting so naturally in their newly created environment.   If only we could be so present to the moment as they are.   One little bird flys to the feeder, picks up a seed and returns to her young on the fence and feeds him.  She repeats this act over and over and never seems impatient or tired....of to be as natural in my own life would be a gift......there is something to be said about being an instinctual animal, rather than a rational creature.

As soon as I have my computer back I will be more regular, till then the sun is shining, it is hot and humid and I am sitting under my walnut tree......hope you are just as relaxed!!!!!!

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