Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amazing women........

Surprises....I thought that I was past that and if not at least I would have some inclining that there was something afoot.   Obviously, I was very wrong.   Yesterday I was surprised at a number of levels, but mostly at the verbal level because I was left speechless.   Anyone who knows me would understand the level of surprise this would take.   It is one of the few times I have ever been speechless, the other times beyond my memory!

I rec'd the most beautiful gift from the most amazing women that I have entered my life over the past couple of years.  I belong to a knitting group and once or twice a week we meet to knit, chat and just enjoy the companionship of people.   We are a very diverse group of women, who most probably never would have met if not for our common bond of knitting.   That was only the beginning though.   Although knitting has brought us together, it is our sharing our stories, the good, the sad, the funny, the bad that has made us friends.  These women have become a life line to sanity during this journey and they are all on the bus, knitting furiously while I drive.   Well, now I know what they were knitting.........

This amazing afghan.....squares knitted by different women, in different patterns and sewn together.   A piece of artwork that is probably the best way to describe the community of  women that we have become.   Different squares, different patterns all sewn together to make one beautiful blanket.   A blanket of comfort and healing to keep me grounded, warm and safe during my treatment that lies ahead.

So surprised yes, speechless yes, emotionally overwhelmed yes, but also thankful, grateful and blessed to be part of a group of women who totally understand who I am and where I come from....and how to make a very talkive individually totally speechless!

I will be much more aware of what is going on behind me on the bus from now on though....the click click click of the needles will arise much more interest in the future.........


l'optimiste said...

That is a beautiful and thoughtful gift - I love it! I can imagine you all snuggled up in it :)

What fabulous women to do that

Pat said...

It was a lot of hush hush
And a lot of planning
Who would do what squares
Susan was commanding.

We knit it privately
With love in each square
Tee hee heeing
About the secret we shared.

A luncheon was planned
For our presentation
She had no idea
Nothing was mentioned.

She came in with one
But joined a group
To see Elizabeth totally speechless
Was such a HOOT !!

Birdie said...

Wow! Just wow! I can see why you were speechless. So much love wrapped up in the making.

Birdie said...

PS - I enlarged the picture and looked at the detail. Beautiful.

Marilou said...

This is one of the most supportive group of women I have ever known. I am proud to call any of them "friend". They certainly see YOU as a friend.

Anonymous said...

Liz your knitting friends are so thoughtful, so happy you have them to help you out. Pat's poem is priceless, love it.
So now I know the secret to getting you speechless - knit something for you - had I only known that years ago:). Love you keep up the good work. Corinne