Friday, March 22, 2013

Family Obligations :)

Well spring is here....or at least that is what the calendar claims.   If I look outside it certainly doesn't look like spring to me.    Snow, cold, gray......oh I 'do love Canada'....must keep saying this!!!!

One of the advantages of not working anymore is that periodically I can do humanitarian actions for other people.  The free time has allowed me to be able to help out family and friends with their daily tasks.    Tomorrow I will do that again.   I am travelling to Florida in order to help a family member drive back to Canada.   Oh, what a difficult life I live....dedicated to others!!!!!

So in the midst of this bleary winter, I get a to sun, heat and swimming.....  I am looking forward to it in many ways because I have found this winter exceptionally difficult.  I think the past year has taken a toll on me and I need to regroup, revive, and re-evaluate and what better way to do that than sitting by the pool reading.   I do not apologize for my windfall....and I know I am not expected to.   

So my next post might be from Florida, or it might not be till I get back........

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