Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thanks .......:))

This is a bit of an unusual missive but I felt it needed to be written.

Over the past two years and four months I have been blessed to share this journey with many many people.   People I have never met and yet are interested in what I am thinking and feeling.  People who I know but also know that I am not the most forthcoming with how I feel in person.  I like to keep things positive and upbeat because whatever I am doing I want to enjoy it. ....also early on I found the 'puppy dog' eyes I would get from some people absolutely drove me crazy.    It is not that I don't want to share my true feelings it is just when I am out and about I want to have fun and not be focusing on my illness.  I learnt that from my daughter ......there are times w hen you just have to feel that the illness is not a part of the package.....a respite from reality while living in reality!!!!

Anyways as usual I digress.......what I wanted to say here is that I appreciate everyone who reads my blog and I love to read the comments too.    I don't usually respond to comments mainly due to the fact that once I have written the blog I am usually past the feelings that I have expressed.   It is very cathartic for me.....I am in the moment and then I can move to the next moment.  Also, I am often so humbled by the words of wisdom, support, care and compassion that so many have offered, I am at a loss for words (yes really!!!!) most times.

So thank you....thank you for your humanity in allowing me to share a journey that is not always easy, I don't believe to be a blessing, but has certainly brought many blessings into my life.....and this has been one of them......what did we do before the Internet.   I have been privileged to have so many people from so many lands share in my story.....that to me is the miracle that I am living.....

So please feel free to follow me publicly or privately, comment or not, but send me positive energy into the universe and I too will send it back multiple times again......

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Birdie said...

I in turn thank YOU for your openness and willing to share your journey. xo