Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today.....all we really have!

I will attempt to write today, but my hands are freezing.   Although the weather is much warmer than it has been, this winter seems like it will never end.    Going to Florida in March was very nice but I think it makes it that much harder to endure the remainder of winter here in Canada.   Although, the weather wasn't extremely warm down all becomes relative when you come from the Great White North!!!!    The temperatures were in the 60's and 70's F and I went to the pool everyday.  Some days I was the only one there, or at least the only one in the pool.  I thought the pool was warmer than the air considering it was 86 degrees F.   In the end, a good time was had, the drive back was uneventful (the way you like drives) and it was a nice break from the monotony of snow and cold.

I haven't really felt like writing much since I returned.  I found that I was not nearly as tired when I was down South and feel that perhaps some of the tiredness is more due to a lack of purpose and action.   What I think is I might be 'bored'.   I hate that word and I don't use it lightly but while I was away I didn't feel nearly as lethargic and weary as I had during the months previous.    I had things to do, I went for walks, I swam, I knit, I read.   This lead me to reflect that perhaps I need to keep busy at home in a similar way.   Thus, I have been too busy to write!!!!!  

The events on Monday at the Boston Marathon though gave me reason to pause.  Life is so precious and so unpredictable.    We worry about so many things that we think we can control and then something like that happens and we realize that we have no control.   Who would have thought that attending a run might be a dangerous endeavour ?   Especially the parents of an eight year old boy.  My heart goes out to everyone affected that day, but that particular little boy sits heavy on my heart.
At least the fear I have comes from a disease, not some act of terrorism that randomly kills and maims innocents.    Such a cowardly and evil act!    I just sit and count my blessings that my daughter is alive and well TODAY!   That's all we have in the    Love those around you T|ODA|Y.    Plan for tomorrow but LIVE for today.     I learnt that lesson many years ago but I still must remind myself of it constantly.

Yesterday, something happened that allowed me to remind another of that exact fact.  It was actually funny but in many ways jarred her a little.    A friend and I were having dinner and talking about illness and people who had died from different things.   She started to say how heart disease seemed to be so prevalent in her family and that she figured that if she continued in a similar vein as her relatives  she would live only to about 75......she looked at me and said..."that means I only have about 16 years left of life" which I replied "or you could die tomorrow".   She just stared at me and then said "oh that's a nice thought".    I said yea but its true.  You are worrying about having 16 years to live....think about it we all only have today.       It was a very stark reality but in the end she said  "you know that makes me feel much better" and we both had a good laugh.

So live today, love today, hug someone today, and hope that tomorrow you can do the same.

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