Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Bike!!!!!!!

So, I have been to yoga twice and love it.   I feel almost taller when I leave, as if my body has stretched a whole inch or so.   I am amazed at how flexible I am and yet I know I have much further to go.   It is awesome.

And my journey into the world, or at least into a better shape, continues.  I visited with a girlfriend this weekend and came home with a 'push bike' as opposed to a speed bike.   It is an old fashioned girls bike, slanted bar, large seat, no gears, back pedal to brake and even a little basket like Dorothy.  I thought I could put my shitzu Bilbo in it and ride around town.......wouldn't that be scary.

I have been looking for such a bike for awhile.   I have a 21 speed mountain bike but it is just too much bike for what I want to do.    In addition, my daughter has taken it to ride to and from where ever she goes so it probably will never be seen at this house again!!!!!   Anyways so I now have a new bike.   It's even cute.

I saw it in my friend's garage and she said it was her daughter's but she didn't like it.    So, voila, I took it for a test drive.   Somehow I don't remember it being that difficult to ride when I was twelve.  I remember flying around town with my 'push' bike, up and down hills no problem.   Well, I won't be attempting any hills in the near future.....flat ground will be my pathway and not very far.   I was so out of breath after my little test drive I couldn't believe it......a little embarrassed to be honest.   My friend's husband says "how far did you go you are so out of breath".....I was tempted to lie and say 'oh about 2 miles'....but I don't lie well and so the truth came out.....down the driveway!!!!! lol

So another divine attempt to move me in the direction of outside and in shape.   Will keep you posted on how that goes.

On another side, I haven't been feeling the best lately.   I have terrible nausea especially at night.   It has been going on for a few weeks and nothing seems to make it better.....or set it off.    I am tired of waking up at night and feeling awful so I have bitten the bullet and called my doctor.    We begin the dreaded tests again.   Having a cat scan to see what is going on.....never just a belly ache when you have cancer...especially if it last three or four weeks.   I was hoping it was just a virus, and it might be, but it isn't getting better and is worse now than three weeks ago.   Cancer sucks!    Any change and the hackles go up and the worry begins.   I plan on continuing my regime in the meantime, so that if there is absolutely nothing wrong I won't have wasted all that time, and if there is something wrong I will be in better shape to handle what comes.

Well, off to drive down my very short driveway to begin my biking career!!!!!


Teamnanny Kath said...

You hang in there! Yes cancer SUCKS!! I need you to survive, so slow on the bike, and stay STRONG! I am cheering for you! Sending love and hugs and all the positive energy I can your way.... xxxx

Marilou said...

I have the same bike. I bought it a couple of years ago at Canadian Tire and it is called a "cruiser". My daughter thinks it is silly but I love it.

suequeenofchaos said...

Maybe I should get my bike in for a tune up. We could go biking together but not in this freezing weather silly girl.