Sunday, January 6, 2013


Have you ever noticed in life that once you learn a new word, hear about a book, or read about something, you seem to continue to hear about it all around you.   Most of us know this experience and we probably have even commented on how that seems to work.

Well, when you have cancer it is a similar situation.....not necessarily one you want either.   Before I was diagnosed, I remember hearing about cancer of course, but I didn't really know alot of people with the disease or know anything at all about it.   Since 2001, it seems that my life is surrounded by this disease, and I know more about it than I ever really wanted to.   I hear things constantly on the radio about cancer, and often specifically Ovarian Cancer.   Until I became sick I only knew one person with this type of cancer and she had dies almost thirty years earlier.   Now, I know numerous women with OVCA, and even more unfortunately that I have buried.   

Not only OVCA seems to be a constant theme but all kinds of cancer.   I don't think a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me about some one they know who is in hospital, has been just diagnosed or has died from this awful disease.   Today is no different.   In the space of one day I have spoken to two people I know that have had to deal with the disease themselves, another who's spouse has just gone through treatment, an another who's father has died.   In addition, two more people who have loved ones fighting the disease, and the outlook is poor. 

I don't usually write about this kind of day, but it has hit me hard.   I guess today was just one of those days where you become overwhelmed and want to crawl into a hole.   I know that probably most people deal with this also, even if you don't have the disease yourself.   Cancer has become almost epidemic, and I am sure that there are very few people who have not been touched in some way by this disease.    It just seems that over the past eleven years, cancer has become more common in my daily life, and I am not meaning my own health.   

Today, while at Mass, I just shock my head and prayed that each of these people will find peace and purpose in whatever journey is ahead for them.   I also, asked God to please give me strength to be there for who ever needs me and also to remember in my prayers all the people with whom I have promised to pray.

Life is not suppose to be comfort seeking.........but rather character building.    I just have to remember that it is in the sorrow and sadness of others that we find our own compassion and love to move out into a world that is hurting.    It reminds me that I am needed, if only for a moment to listen to an other's story.    Thank you God for giving me ears to hear others cry out in has been a grace in my life ...

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Birdie said...

Cancer. I often wonder if I hear the word so much because it has hit my family 3 times (my mom, my dad and my BIL) and I am so aware or is it hitting more people than ever?