Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moving back into the World.....God's way!!!

I truly believe that there is a force in the universe that gives us the energy, purpose and fortitude to continue the journey we are destined to.   Some may call that force Karma, or a multitude of other names, I choose God.    Mainly, because it means something to me, and it's simple and to the point.

Well, I feel that this force has decided that I have been in my 'own' world long enough and it is time for me to come back out and rejoin the world.   Lately I have been staying pretty low key, and probably sleeping way too much, but at times the soul needs to be replenished and so we cocoon ourselves in order that we can one day  face the rest of the journey.  I have found myself doing this at various times in my life, so I accept it and know that a time will come when I will be ready to move on.  If it was left up to me, and of course I always have a choice, I would probably continue this disconnect for way too long.   The all knowing God is aware of my weaknesses and so God has put the challenge forth  The world has been knocking at my door lately and I can no longer ignore it.   One reason being, that God knows when people come round with kindness and gifts I am  usually not one to refuse.   So today I begin my new found way of being in the world.    I have been given many gifts lately and none of them allow me to sleep.

The first was an incredible gift of a knitting course online.  Now, anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that that is my 'carrot'.    So I am learning something new, which gives me energy.    The second gift was a full out sale on winter boots at a store near my home....within walking distance.    Walking being a quiet resolution I had made between me and God that I would start up again in the New Year.....well my mantra has always been don't tell God your new winter WALKING boots that I could afford.   Hmmmmmm.....I smell a conspiracy!!!    The final clincher was  a neighbour arriving at my door this morning to offer me forever classes in Yoga (she just happens to teach them).    Ok, who told her I love Yoga?   Plus a free one class pass for a friend.   So, I caledl my daughter and said "want to join a yoga class with me this winter"   totally expecting her to say no..... she says 'when do we start'.   So tonight she and I are off to the local Yoga Studio (walking of course) ....which I am personally thrilled about at a number of levels.   It will help facilitate my new desire to walk more, take some of the night pain I experience away, and it means once a week I get daughter time!!!! :)

So, the universe has set in motion my return to the world....and I will choose to follow.  One thing I have learnt over the years, and especially in my journey with cancer, is that the God knows far better than I what I need in my life.   I just wish God didn't know me so well as to set such tempting traps!!!!!!!!


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Teamnanny Kath said...

I love yoga!!! Melanie just started classes and borrowed my gear until I can start again. Enjoy. I hope it helps you sleep! :D)