Monday, August 1, 2011


I grew up being told that it isn't nice to use the word hate.  I passed this same lesson on to my daughter.   So, it is a word that was rarely if ever heard in our house.   Except of course the time she was really mad about something and said "I hate you" and my reply was "well I guess I must be doing my job".....I digress

Hate is not an emotion that I allow myself to explore, I don't like the feeling it has and I certainly don't like the energy it takes.   BUT, I can honestly and with full emotion say I HATE this disease called cancer in all its forms.   It seems to be taking over lives and families like the plague!  It eats away at the body of the individual, but it destroys the souls too.   Not only the soul of the person it has taken hold of, but the family and friends too.   No one is safe once it enters a home.    All though it may not contagious by medical terms, every member of the family suffers from this disease.   Even when it doesn't succeed in destroying the body, it takes a part of the person and family that can never be replaced.   Cancer kills, even when it doesn't kill. 

It takes a sense of peace, security, freedom, hope, eternity!....all these suffer because of cancer.    It is an insidious disease that attacks quietly, only affecting the individual, but then it lifts its ugly head with a roar and everyone within hearing is devastated and changed for ever.  At this point in time nothing can stop it, and it seem that every time you turn around, someone is saying "so and so has cancer" has become a part of our daily the weather.   No one is safe, no one can say they haven't been touched by its tentacles, it has become part of our daily lives....even though it is not able to enter our 'being' it has entered our lives.

We must always remember that it is not 'who' we are, it is not a part of our true 'person'.  It is an uninvited stranger, and must be treated as such.    We must not become the cancer, it must remain outside of our understanding of who we are.    We may have the disease, but it does not have us!....this is so important.   It cannot be allowed to define who we are.....we are so much more even when we are ill.    We must always remember to think, talk, and act as if this invader is invisible.   Do not give it power over our mind, our soul, and it will not have the same power over our body.  I do not mean that we can be healed by ignoring it.   No it may succeed and we may die, but if we have lived every day as if we are still in control of our lives then we have won .   Cancer has the ability to take the body but it has no strength to invade the soul., we must allow it to happen and we can prevent that.   Allow yourself the pleasures of the day, live each moment fully with your loved ones.   Do not mourn for those who are still with you and can still be seen and that day to the fullest.   Then cancer is still that stranger in the room that can be not allow it to take over the room and bring a is still life until it is not.....people are not truly dying until a few hours b/f they are life every moment of every day.....don't let cancer take one minute from it!!!!   ...and then it will never really have invaded your being and the soul will still be free...whether you live or die!



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Kathy O

Pat said...

Elizabeth, I totally agree. Few people know that I had a cancer. I am not in denial but I refuse to give it the all-consuming attention it craves. There are far more enjoyable topics of LIFE to discuss.

Birdie said...

Hate is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about cancer. I sometimes wonder if my hate is giving it too much power. At any rate, there is not word strong enough to describe how I feel about this disease.