Monday, November 2, 2015

tired and very very sad

I don't know if I can continue writing in the same way as I have been .   It seems that I have gone to a dark place and the lightness and humour that have been my solace  are no longer retrievable.   I am grieving !   I am saying goodbye to so much .   Until now I was able to accept the Cancer , never believing it was any kind of blessing, but accepting its presence.   I have never owned it, I have never allowed it to become me.   I have always looked at it from the outside , knowing it was there but not allowing it to enter my being.   It had my body but not my soul.

I find it harder now to view this disease from a distance .   I am tripping over it at every turn , literally as well as figuratively .

I am sick of the platitudes, the up lifting speeches. The ' there but for the grace of God' sayings and beliefs.    I am not grateful I am alive ... I deserve to be alive.    I am not grateful for what I have.... Physically I want more.   I want to walk, to drive, to have my life my independence back.   I am tired of having to be careful how I behave because some are uncomfortable with my sadness, my tears, my anger, my pity.   I am tired of having to be there for others comfort at the expense of my own.
I no longer have the energy nor the desire to make everyone feel ok around me.   I no longer want to be there for anyone.  I am tired, soulfully , spiritually exhausted.

I no longer feel hopeful... In many ways I feel I have tried to hard to live and now I am alive physically but dead on the inside .

I have chosen to be the way I was.... I thought that would help . Make me better.   Be positive, as if sadness would kill me.    Cancer doesn't care .... I realize that now.... It eats you one piece at a time and just leaves you to die .   I am so very  tired .

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Teamnanny said...

I have been in your place. I often still are. I hear you. I love you. You need to trust me here. Cancer will never leave our lives. We have to learn to live with illness, and disabilities. But you are not alone in your feelings. Been there, done that , and got the t-shirt. Call me. Inbox Me. I get you. No platitudes. Just good Old fashioned "I hear you"! XOXOX