Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A shorter journey.......August 15, 2014

So haven't figured out how to access my blog on my IPhone so that I can write .... Therefore i will use my note pad for the time being .

Heading East .... As it usually does I feel like I am leaving all the negative stuff behind and moving towards Nirvana.   The mind, as I have said many times, is an incredible creation.   It allow the psychy to feel free if we allow it .   I plan on doing just that for the next two weeks .

We are stuffed into my old but faithful van... Baby . Dog and all the big people ... Plus numerous bags of who know what, most belonging to the smallest traveller on the trip lol !

My mechanic was not as optimistic of my vehicles potential but he did say that the difference between he and I is that "I have faith" ... And somehow I don't think he meant in the van !

So will keep you posted on this journey as well ... It's a nice aside from the journey to come .   Great way to put myself in the right frame of mind for what lies ahead .   The best reminder that I had this week which puts everything into perspective is :   In the end we are all dying ,   It's the living part we have to work at ......

Cheers :)


Anonymous said...

I was just clicking on blogs I have not read in awhile and it is wonderful to see a post from you! A new grand baby is indeed worth celebrating. (Pictures, please!!)

It is refreshing to know that other people are standing and enjoying the moment. I have missed many wonderful moments going to grab my figurative and literal camera.



Journey-woman said...

We learn these lessons in our own rubicon moments......makes the experiences worth more !