Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year.....time to reflect!

2014 - I have to write it look at it makes me realize that one never knows how life will evolve.   In 2001 I would never have thought that I would see this year....let alone be awaiting the blessings that I am for the New Year.  

I am not going to write much today because it is more a day of reflection rather than one of articulation.   I need to 'ponder these things in my heart', and come to understand the blessings that I have been given before I can truly share them with the world.  Also to see the sadness that I faced and how it helped to expand my soul and my spirit and hopefully to make me a more compassionate and loving person.

I send a very sincere and joyous Happy New Year to everyone.....and hope that each of us takes time to reflect on the past year and its journey....both the sad times and the good times (without the sad times the joys would be so much less)....and continue to look to a future with hope, peace, and faith.

God bless!

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