Friday, January 13, 2012

Dogsitting......exhausting but fun!

It has been sometime since I last wrote but I do have a very good excuse.   I have spent most of the past few weeks over the holidays and into the New Year pet sitting.   I am still doing that at the moment and it has taken a great deal of my time.   At the moment I am sitting a four month old puppy, and I must say it is similar to having a that can move rather quickly at a young age.   She needs to be let out still at night and early morn.   I now know daily what time the sun rises usually b/c I am up before that.   She constantly wants my attention and when I try to do something she invariably gets into trouble!

So, I have been living a very normal, busy life and helping out friends at the same time.   These friends have travelled from South Africa to Kuwait, while I remain in the southern most part of Canada, shovelling out their driveways and freezing.  This does somehow seem unfair but oh well, at least I am needed!

My New Years resolutions though are certainly being achieved as I have never had so much time for knitting.  The bonus of house sitting or pet sitting is that you are at someone else's house, and therefore feel no great need to do much housework.   Laundry is minimal, only what I have brought with me, and groceries have been bought and put in the fridge for my consumption.   So, it is absolutely necessary that I knit enough articles in order to at least show that although pampered to a degree in one way I have been productive in another.

I will begin again next week writing more wise and intellectual blogs but for the time being I must be off to play a video game, oops I mean knit a scarf........oh no the puppy has become way too quiet......

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