Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creator and created!

The aspect of 'awe' has entered my life twice in the past week.  It is not very common when living in the city that one gets to really see the amazing creation that we have been blessed with.   Well, I can say that God has chosen to show me that recently and I must say both times I was just awestruck by realizing what a beautiful and perfect world that was created for us to live in.

The first time happened in my own back yard.   As I said, I live in the city.  Albeit a small one but still the busy, bright lights, lots of noise type city.   One would assume that seeing any kind of wild life would be virtually unheard of, but to see what I was blessed to see is beyond belief.   It was approximately 5am and my dog decided that she really needed to go out.....she is getting older so this seems to becoming more those of us who too are aging  understand.....anyways.

So, I let her out into the darkness of the backyard.  I am standing at the door with my cat in hand, as she always feels that she too should be allowed out, and I notice that she is very very focused on something.  So much so that she is actually rigid and staring.  I try to see what it is she is looking at but it takes a minute....and then OMG there in my extended back yard is the most beautiful Doe standing as if in a picture with her head up  listening.   I was 'awestruck'!!!!   Quickly and very quietly I called the dog before she noticed and started to bark.   Then I put my coat and boots on and went outside.    As I moved for a better view behind the garage, there was her fawn grazing too.   I couldn't believe it.....then she picked up my scent and she stood very tall which her head cocked to the side as if deciding whether I was danger or not.   All of a sudden she let out this low, rumble like growl and her fawn leap into the air and ran in the opposite direction, and then she followed.    I just stood there feeling like I had been blessed in the best possible matter what happened it was going to be a 'good' day.....then.   I didn't get my camera, I didn't get a picture, but the memory is ingrained in my mind as if it was.   It was too important to enjoy the moment than to try and immortalize it.

Three days ago, while staying at a friends in the country, I again got to watch a number of deer grazing on her front lawn.   I woke up early, it was still dark, and just happened to glance out the window and there where at least three deer just having an early morning breakfast right in front of the window.  I just stood and stared, thinking that this is what we need to be reminded of on a daily basis.   Despite what we think, there is a world out there that exists beyond our lives that is more beautiful and perfect than we could ever hope to create our selves.   Just watching them gave me a sense of peace and contentment.    Oh creation is 'awe' inspiring.........and then I starting realizing.....I too had created beauty and perfection ......

.....I did that 23 years ago today when I created the most beautiful human being in my eyes daughter.   I can't believe that she is all grown up, but I couldn't be prouder of the person she has grown to be.   She is beautiful in my eyes both inside and out and so I too have created something that the world is better for.  I realized that my ability to create beauty has made me an important piece of humanity, and that world will never be the same for my creation......

Thank you God for giving me the grace to appreciate your creations and to realize my own!

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